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This article is the explanation for how to establish VPN connection from MAC OS to Vigor3900 via L2TP over IPSec. The article will be separated into two parts, first is the setting of Vigor3900, and the second is the setting on the MAC OS.

(This article applies to Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, for other models, please refer to here.)

Set Up Vigor3900

1. Go to User Management >> User Profile, click Add.



2. Create account.

  1. enter Username,
  2. check Enable,
  3. enter Password,
  4. select L2TP Dial-in Enable,
  5. click Apply.



3. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Access Control,

  1. make sure Enable L2TP VPN Service has been selected,
  2. in IPsec Remote Dial-In Service, select L2TP over IPsec,
  3. click Apply



4. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> IPsec General Setup, enter Preshared Key then click Apply.


Establish VPN Connection on MAC OS

1. Go to System Preferences >> Network



2. Click + to add a new network setting



Edit the profile as follows:

  1. Select VPN for interface
  2. Select L2TP over IPSec for VPN type
  3. Enter the Service Name
  4. Click Create.



3. Enter Server Address and Account Name, then click Authentication Settings.



Enter Password, enter the pre-shared key which set before in the field of Shared Secret, then click OK.


4. Click Apply, then click Connect.



Wait for VPN connection establishing.



When seeing this status, you are connecting to the VPN server successfully.



Note: We can use Terminal to verify the connection by ping the VPN remote gateway IP.



Or, on the web page of Vigor3900, VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management, the VPN connection status will be listed here.