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Windows Smart VPN Client to Vigor Router - SSL VPN

This note is going to demonstrate how to set up Vigor Router as a SSL VPN server, and how to dial up a SSL tunnel to Vigor Router from a remote PC with Smart VPN Client.

(For Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, please refer to the article here)


Configuring Vigor Router as VPN server

1. Create the VPN user profile: Go to SSL VPN >> User Account, and click an index number to add a VPN profile.


2. Setup the VPN user profile:

  1. Enable this account
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Make sure SSL Tunnel is enabled for Allow Dial-in Type
  4. Click OK to save

3. Check if the VPN user profile has been enabled, then click OK.


Configuring Smart VPN Client

1. Launch the Smart VPN Client, click Insert to create a new VPN profile


2. Configure the VPN Profile as follows:

  1. Enter the profile name
  2. Select SSL VPN Tunnel in Type of VPN
  3. Enter Vigor Router's WAN IP in VPN Server/Host Name
  4. Enter User Name and Password
  5. Click OK

3. For SSL VPN Setup:

  1. Select Auto in Authentication Method
  2. Select Automatically get IP address & DNS server
  3. Click OK to save the profile

4. Initiate the VPN by selecting the VPN Profile and clicking Connect.


5. Confirm User name and password which setup in step 1, and click OK to establish the SSL VPN connection


6. Confirm the Smart VPN client status once the connection has established


Checking Connectivity

Check the SSL VPN connection via pinging to router's LAN IP address in the client, or go to VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management on the router to check the status.