How to use Smart VPN Client to generate OTP and dial VPN with mOTP?

 This document introduces how to use Built-in OTP generator on Smart VPN client and establish a VPN connection to a Vigor Router (VPN server) with Mobile One-Time password (mOTP). While using mOTP, only the client who knows the PIN code, and has the token device with the right secret and time synchronized with the VPN server, will be able calculate the right password for VPN authentication. With built-in OTP generator, Smart VPN Client plays the roles a token device that holds the secret and generate a one-time password, so that VPN client can login VPN with mOTP without having an extra token device.

Generate a Secret on Smart VPN Client

1. Run Smart VPN client, and click Insert to add a new profile.


2. Enable mobile One-Time Password and click on mOTP Settings.


3. In mOTP Settings, select SmartVPN Build-in OTP Generator and click Generate. It will automatically generate a 32 hexadecimal number as secret. Copy these numbers for VPN profiles setup on the VPN server. 

VPN Server Setup

4. Create a remote dial-in user profile with the generated secret. Go to VPN and Remote Access>> Remote Dial-in User, click on an index number to add/edit a profile,

  1. Enable this account
  2. Enter Username
  3. Enable Mobile One-Time Password
  4. Enter 4 to 7 decimal numbers for PIN Code
  5. Enter the numbers copied from Step 3 in Secret.
  6. Select Allowed Dial-in Type
  7. Click OK to save


5. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Access Control to make sure the VPN Service are enabled.


6. Since the generation of mOTP based on the current time, please go to System Maintenance >>Time and Date to make sure the time settings on VPN server is synchronized with VPN clients.

VPN Client Connecting

7. On VPN clients, use the same profile as Step1:

  1. Enter VPN Server IP/Host name as the VPN server's WAN IP
  2. Enter the user name as the one set in Step 4.
  3. Click OK to save the profile


8. Click Connect on Smart VPN Client to establish the VPN tunnel. Enter the PIN code set in Step 4 and click OK. If all the credentials are correct, the VPN will be established.


9. From VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management, Administrator may check the VPN clients that has connected.

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