How to Execute the Schedule Reboot for Vigor3900

  1. Log into the web user interface of Vigor3900.
  1. Open System Maintenance>> Time and Date.

  1. Select the Time Zone that Vigor3900 is located. Click Apply to save the settings.


  1. Open Online Status to ensure the Current System Time is correct.

  1. Open Object Setting>>Time Object and click the Add tab to create time object(s).

  1. Type the name of Profile; specify the Start Time and the End Time. Choose Weekdays for Frequency and specify Sat as Weekdays. Click Apply to save the setting.

Note: Vigor3900 doesn’t support reboot once with schedule. It is necessary to choose Weekdays in Frequency field.



  1. Open System Maintenance>>Reboot System and click the Schedule Reboot tab.

  1. Check the box of Enable Schedule Reboot and choose the time object profile from the drop down list of Schedule Time Object.

  1. Click Apply to save the settings and apply it onto Vigor router.
  1. With the above settings, Vigor3900 will reboot by itself at 20:00 every Saturday.